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4SureLoans.com began as an entrepreneurial venture in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario. At the time, the company's founders had recognized a growing trend towards convenience and service in the financial services industry. As time passed, we earned the trust of our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations, a commitment that continues to this day.

The typical 4SureLoans.com customer accurately represents the average, working Canadian. 82% of all customers are under the age of 45. The vast majority of 4SureLoans.com customers have a bank account, but prefer to use 4SureLoans.com for our service attributes.

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4Sure Loans got my loan processed in under 10 mi nutes and now I can finally pay off my bills! It's easy, quick and the service was friendly. I would definitely use their services again!

Suzanne G.

I got a great rate from 4Sure Loans for my travels. It sure beats exchanging your money at the airport with their high rates.

N. Arias



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